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Originally, Cordelia Private Label Chocolate existed as Cordelia Fine Chocolate, started in the year 2004 as an internet public available product/service. Over the years, the growing demand for a more private offering, led us to establish Cordelia Private Label Chocolate, now located in Chicago and Atlanta (Corporate Offices).

We only create Private Labels for our Clients. We are not a bulk discount product company. Premium Milk Chocolate is a very expensive product. We customize each label to the identity of the Client’s company. These products are not meant for resale...They are for Branding...Brand Awareness. We provide a near 7.25 inch wide by 3.25/8th tall, 5.3 OZ bar of quality European Milk Chocolate over a magazine quality gloss label. We strive to create a wow product that gives our Clients a very unique way of saying Thank You, Hello and or Goodbye. It’s not about the chocolate...though we create a very quality product, it’s all about the Private Label, the message our clients are giving to their clients and customers. So, because you give/offer the best products and services, we can only do the same for you. Note: We do not provide single Private Label Bar Designs/Sales.

Our chocolate is very fresh and usually has a 7 to 8 month shelf life.